Redefining Patient Experience: Transforming Private Healthcare By Automating Quality Management

We help private healthcare providers grow their clinics by ensuring every patient’s opinion gets heard. Fuel your growth using technology, and forget about pen-and-paper surveys and emails.

Navigating the process of automating quality management may seem intimidating at first. But you’re not alone.

We are a team of data scientists, psychologists, and business analysts, all passionate about creating memorable experiences.

What does that mean for you?

You’ll have someone to support you through the entire journey, help you make data-driven decisions based on patient feedback, and identify patterns in patient behavior.

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Nikola Komes


Goran Hacek


Jurica Karlo Welina

Account Executive

Hana Ries

Account Executive

Karlo Komes

Implementation Specialist

Filip Vučković

Operations Manager

As we were building our platform, we were looking closely at how private healthcare providers get feedback, and what that means for their businesses.

Here's what most private clinics do: they use pen-and-paper surveys, emails, and forms on their websites. But there's a problem with these methods.

These methods are difficult to analyze, and if patients aren't satisfied, clinics can't fix things quickly. By the time they analyze the survey, the patient is already considering the competition.

Also, people don't really like doing surveys. Only about 2–4% of people actually finish them.

The result? Private clinics are faced with a lot of guesswork when making business decisions.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Our team has worked on setting up feedback systems in multinational companies. Combining our backgrounds in data science and psychology, we started helping the largest private clinics in Croatia to collect feedback using technology.

That's how InsiderCX was born.

Automating clinic operations and ensuring patient happiness became our daily mission. 

Seeing the impact it had on our first clients, we decided to make it accessible to private clinics that want to transform their businesses.

Our mission is simple: empower clinics to focus on patient care, while we handle the rest.


Making patient opinion the driving force in healthcare through technology.


Becoming the go-to partner in delivering patient-centric experiences and elevating healthcare quality.

Why other clinics rely on InsiderCX

Partnering with InsiderCX has led to significant improvements in our patient experience and operational efficiency, primarily by reducing missed appointments and clearly interpreting patient feedback. This collaboration resulted in a higher Google rating and an 18.3-point increase in our NPS.

Hrvoje Čorić
Head of Operations

Using InsiderCX gave us a central overview of the patient experience across 7 locations.

Ivana Murati Petrović

Having external partners referring patients to our clinic can be challenging. By utilizing the feedback loop, we can control the quality of both post- and pre-treatment.

Ana Kričković
Clinic Director

Working with InsiderCX has been a fantastic experience: the team is extremely responsive and each step of the journey is tailored to our needs. The amount of patient feedback we are now receiving through the InsiderCX platform is ten times what we were seeing using the old process. We have also seen our positive Google reviews more than quadruple over the last 6 months.

Mark Norfolk

Why clinics rely on InsiderCX

Ivana Murati Petrović aproving InsiderCX

"Using InsiderCX gave us a central overview of the patient experience across 7 locations."

Ivana Murati Petrović

COO at Adria Dental Group

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