Quality control on autopilot

With InsiderCX, you’re getting an additional employee who makes sure that every patient’s suggestion, praise, or complaint reaches you in real time.

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One place for managing patient feedback and quality control


Automated survey

24 to 48 hours after a patient leaves your clinic, InsiderCX triggers an automated mobile message (via SMS, WhatsApp, or Viber), inviting them to share their feedback.


Feedback collection

The mobile invite and the survey are both white-labeled and aligned with your visual identity, measuring exactly what makes you successful from your patients' perspective.


Data analysis

The collected data is immediately analyzed and visible inside our platform. You can use these reports to identify unsatisfied patients, improve internal processes, and benchmark satisfaction across services, doctors, or locations.


Automated reporting and sharing

We can forward the data to your internal systems — whether it's your CRM or any other tool you might be using. We can also send you reports and notifications so you can keep tracking everything through our platform.

Let’s drive quality together

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Automate quality control

Manually tracking and managing quality processes is time-consuming and prone to errors. Improve patient care and safety with a reliable system for identifying and correcting quality issues.

  • Use mobile channels to automate feedback collection and get actionable insights from your patients

  • Track and manage all quality indicators, audits, and incidents from one place

  • Reduce administrative work by digitalizing key quality management processes

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TrustPilot reviews

Take control of your online reputation

Use InsiderCX to easily collect validated positive reviews and improve your current ratings.

  • Send white-label satisfaction surveys that match your brand’s visual identity and tone of voice

  • Make it easy for happy patients to leave positive reviews

  • Prevent negative reviews by getting instant notifications whenever a patient submits negative feedback

  • Track all your progress from one central hub

Provide better treatment outcomes

One bad experience will make a third of your patients think twice about coming back. Improve treatment outcomes and patient retention by:

  • Being faster at identifying dissatisfied patients and effectively solving their issues

  • Building stronger relationships with your patients through personalized mobile communication

  • Using patient feedback to zero in and rectify recurring issues in staff, processes, or infrastructure

person on a phone got a message from the clinic

Why other clinics rely on InsiderCX

“Having external partners referring patients to our clinic can be challenging. By utilizing the feedback loop, we can control the quality of both post- and pre-treatment.”

Ana Kričković
Clinic Director

"Using InsiderCX gave us a central overview of the patient experience across 7 locations."

Ivana Murati Petrović

Skyrocket patient satisfaction — and retention

Analyze patient feedback. Optimize workflows to deliver a superb patient experience. Stop your never-ending battle with patient retention.