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Why other clinics rely on InsiderCX

Partnering with InsiderCX has led to significant improvements in our patient experience and operational efficiency, primarily by reducing missed appointments and clearly interpreting patient feedback. This collaboration resulted in a higher Google rating and an 18.3-point increase in our NPS.

Hrvoje Čorić
Head of Operations

Using InsiderCX gave us a central overview of the patient experience across 7 locations.

Ivana Murati Petrović

Having external partners referring patients to our clinic can be challenging. By utilizing the feedback loop, we can control the quality of both post- and pre-treatment.

Ana Kričković
Clinic Director

Working with InsiderCX has been a fantastic experience: the team is extremely responsive and each step of the journey is tailored to our needs. The amount of patient feedback we are now receiving through the InsiderCX platform is ten times what we were seeing using the old process. We have also seen our positive Google reviews more than quadruple over the last 6 months.

Mark Norfolk