How to Get More Patient Reviews for Your Clinic or Hospital

Nine out of ten patients check online reviews. Learn how to get more patient reviews and improve your online reputation.
October 17, 2023
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Recent surveys show that nine out of ten patients will check online reviews before choosing a physician. 

And no wonder. Reviews serve as a window into a clinic's patient experience, from the waiting room ambiance to the proficiency of the medical team. They paint a picture for prospective patients, setting expectations and enabling quick comparison of different providers. 

And this is why clinics and hospitals find themselves in a new arena — where their online reputation can be as influential as word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Let us show you how to leverage patient reviews to stand out.

How reviews shape clinic reliability

It's human nature to seek validation from peers. When a prospective patient reads a genuine, positive clinic review, it creates a sense of trust. 

There are many tangible benefits of having a 5-star review score backed by hundreds of positive testimonials:

  • Enhanced clinic reputation and trustworthiness: Every glowing review acts as a mini-endorsement. As these testimonials stack up, it shows people are actively choosing your clinic — and leaving premises satisfied with the service.
  • Direct feedback for service improvement: Not all reviews will sing praises, and that's alright. Constructive criticism helps you fix issues which will translate into better patient experiences in the future.
  • Attracting new patients: Choosing a healthcare provider is a major decision. A robust online reputation, bolstered by positive reviews, can be why new patients will choose you over your competitors.
  • Increased visibility on search engines: Modern search algorithms often prioritize businesses with consistent and positive user engagement. Clinics with lots of reviews and higher ratings are more likely to show up on top of search results.

For healthcare organizations aiming to flourish in a competitive market, understanding and leveraging this relationship between reviews and trustworthiness is paramount.

How to generate more clinic reviews

Below are some simple yet effective strategies you can use to generate more reviews for your clinic or hospital.

Provide exceptional service throughout the whole patient journey

Ensuring a great patient experience is crucial. Patients will not go out of their way to leave a review if the service was just "okay".

Start by focusing on areas that patients most often complain about:

  • Minimize appointment wait times: Use efficient scheduling and adequate staffing to minimize patient wait times, showing respect for their time.
  • Ensure a welcoming environment: Maintain a clean, calming space with attentive, approachable staff.
  • Uphold high care standards: Keep your medical team updated with the latest technology and regular training.
  • Adopt a personalized approach: Address patients personally and recall their history, making them feel recognized and valued.
  • Embrace digital convenience: Offer digital services like online booking and virtual consultations to enhance the patient experience.

Addressing these key areas can greatly increase the chance of getting a (positive) patient review, especially when nudged to do so.

Actively encourage patients to leave reviews

If you’ve provided great service, when politely asked, most patients will be happy to leave a review. 

In person, at the end of their visit, is a good time to ask. This is when their experience is freshest. A simple "We'd appreciate it if you could share your feedback online" can go a long way.

If you find that approach too direct or invasive, a personalized text message with survey link links works great as well. Actually, it works so well that we built a whole platform around it

We send a white-label survey a day or two after a patient’s visit. All feedback is automatically stored and analyzed. Your team is instantly notified about any negative feedback. Patients who leave a positive rating are automatically forwarded to your Google My Business profile (or other preferred platform), to leave their review.

If you have the patient's consent to do that, a similar thing can be done through email. You can send a friendly email recounting their visit, reminding them to leave a review.

Make the submission process as simple as possible

Simplicity is key: the easier you make the review process, the more likely patients are to complete it. Guide patients to user-friendly platforms like Google or Yelp, where they likely already have accounts.

For those who may not be as tech-savvy, providing a step-by-step guide can be helpful. Consider creating a short video tutorial or a printable guide with screenshots. QR codes, placed strategically around your clinic, can also simplify the process. With a quick scan, patients can be taken directly to the review platform.

Educate patients on the importance of reviews

Start by fostering an environment of transparency. When patients understand that their words directly impact a clinic's roadmap to improvement, they're more likely to provide genuine feedback.

Patients should recognize that they're not merely receiving care but are integral members of the community. Through feedback, they're actively participating in enhancing the quality of care for everyone — including themselves in their future visits.

Finally, explain the ripple effect of their words: a positive comment might put someone's anxiety at ease, while constructive criticism might prevent potential mishaps. Actively educating patients transforms the feedback process from a mere task to a meaningful conversation. 

Always respond to negative reviews

Although this is not a strategy for generating reviews, it’s very important to know how to handle negative feedback.

Regularly monitor review platforms to catch these reviews early.

When writing a reply, maintain professionalism. Whether positive or negative, start by expressing gratitude for the feedback. Even if you don't agree with it, it's essential to acknowledge the person’s feelings and offer solutions or ways you plan to address the concern.

An example of how to respond to negative patient feedback. Source: Etactics

Handling negative reviews gracefully shows other potential patients that you care about feedback and are dedicated to continuous improvement.

Automate the process with InsiderCX

Managing a healthcare facility comes with many challenges. Ensuring a steady flow of reviews can be an added pressure. This is where automating the process with InsiderCX is a game-changer. 

While collecting feedback from your patients, once our platform detects a positive response, it gently prompts users to share their feedback on the clinic's preferred platform. It's simple — and that’s why it works.

A detailed insight into patients' likes and dislikes enables clinics to fix long-standing issues and continually improve their service, nurturing new cycles of positive reviews.

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