Using InsiderCX gave us a central overview of the patient experience across 7 locations

Using InsiderCX gave us a central overview of the patient experience across 7 locations

The challenges

With a robust team of over 500 dedicated professionals, 90 state-of-the-art dental offices, and a cadre of more than 200 specialists spanning all dental disciplines, Adria Dental Group (ADG) is on a mission to establish an industry-leading standard of dental care accessible to all.

Given the diverse spectrum of dental services they provide, their main challenge was to ensure uniformity in both service quality and patient experience across all seven locations in Croatia. The overarching objective was to deliver an optimal patient experience without disrupting the established workflows and introducing additional paperwork or overhead.

The solution 

Our team and platform gave ADG the expertise and tools they needed to ensure patient satisfaction while staying efficient. We rolled out a comprehensive solution that included:

  • Whitelabeled surveys for each location: To maintain the brand consistency of ADG across all locations, we introduced custom, branded surveys. This ensured that patients always felt they were directly communicating with ADG, irrespective of the location.
  • User-based access for results: To ensure data privacy and streamline access, results were made available based on user roles. This meant that only authorized personnel could view specific data, ensuring confidentiality and targeted action.
  • Automated reports & alerts: Automated reports ensured that feedback was promptly processed, and alerts were set up to notify the team of any issues that required immediate attention.
  • Multilingual survey with back-translations: Recognizing the diverse clientele of ADG, we made the surveys available in multiple languages. Back-translations ensured that feedback from all patients, regardless of their language, was accurately captured and understood.
  • Tracking trends and benchmarking: With multiple locations and departments, it was crucial to have a bird's-eye view of performance metrics. InsiderCX's solution allowed ADG to track trends, compare performance across departments, and set benchmarks for continuous improvement.

The results

InsiderCX helped ADG collect over 6,000 patient feedback surveys, finding areas for improvement and benchmarking patient satisfaction in clinics spread across 15 countries. Granular insights for more than 20 specialties provided a holistic view of each department's performance, paving the way for nuanced, targeted improvements.

One of the standout initiatives was the introduction of periodic internal reviews based on patient feedback with the goal of process improvement and optimization. And since uniformity is key for ADG, they've championed the cause of ensuring all clinics — irrespective of their geographical location — meet the same high standard of care and service.

Currently, we are working with ADG to develop a seamless two-way integration with their medical CRM, ensuring that patient data and feedback flow smoothly. On top of that, they plan to implement InsiderCX's Outcome Booster to ensure patients remain committed to their therapy plans, further improving treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Patient feedback is extremely valuable to us as an organisation as we continually strive to improve and provide the best possible service for our patients. Working with InsiderCX has been a fantastic experience: the team is extremely responsive and each step of the journey is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. 

The amount of patient feedback we are now receiving through the InsiderCX platform is ten times what we were seeing using the old process. We have acted on the feedback and are able to identify emerging risks through the analytical side of the system. We have also seen our positive Google reviews more than quadruple over the last 6 months.

Working with InsiderCX has been a pleasure.

Ivana Murati Petrović
Ivana Murati Petrović

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