With InsiderCX, we get a feedback loop we can use to control the quality of both post and pre-treatment

With InsiderCX, we get a feedback loop we can use to control the quality of both post and pre-treatment

The challenges

Optical Express is a renowned eye clinic in Zagreb, Croatia. Known for their advanced technology and expertise in eye care, they have consistently demonstrated their leadership in the field — over 99% of their patients achieve perfect vision after laser treatment.

One of the primary challenges Optical Express had was the variance in patient intake flows across 5 countries and almost 130 clinics. Variation in procedures across borders meant that they had to adapt and integrate different processes. 

Another big challenge was tracking the quality of travel and accommodation services provided by their external partners and making sure that they were meeting the clinic’s high standards.

Finally, Optical Express was struggling with a heavy load of administrative tasks. The administrative responsibilities were immense: from managing patient appointments to quality control to handling post-operative care details, the clinic was inundated with tasks that took time away from their primary focus — providing top-notch eye care.

The solution

Optical Express recognized the need for a more structured and proactive feedback mechanism. Using the InsiderCX platform, they adopted an approach that addressed the entire patient journey:

  • Follow-up surveys post initial exam: The surveys were sent out to patients who had completed their initial eye exam, capturing their feedback and highlighting processes that could be improved.
  • Post-surgery feedback mechanism: Another set of surveys was designed specifically for patients who had undergone surgical procedures. This allowed the clinic to gauge the effectiveness of these procedures, satisfaction with post-operative care, and overall patient satisfaction.
  • Automated alerts for patient dissatisfaction: If a patient expressed dissatisfaction via their feedback, we would immediately notify the relevant personnel — ensuring swift action and resolution.

The results

Optical Express saw substantial improvements after implementing the comprehensive feedback collection and tracking system. There was a 23% month-on-month increase in their Net Promoter Score (NPS), while their online presence was amplified with a 500% surge in collected Google Reviews.

Benchmarking patient satisfaction across the entire journey enabled Optical Express to pinpoint and address areas where patient experience was below standard. This comprehensive approach also helped identify the patients whose expectations weren't fully met, allowing the clinic to refine the quality of care provided by both their partners and their post-treatment processes.

Going forward, they want to track the post-care process and ensure therapy adherence with the InsiderCX Outcome Booster, as well as utilize the platform to measure loyalty drivers across various patient segments. Lastly, Optical Express will utilize patient feedback through our digital solution to maintain its ISO 9001:2005 certification. Transitioning from traditional, paper-based surveys to our innovative platform, Optical Express streamlines the feedback collection process and reinforces its dedication to patient-centric care.

Patient feedback is extremely valuable to us as an organisation as we continually strive to improve and provide the best possible service for our patients. Working with InsiderCX has been a fantastic experience: the team is extremely responsive and each step of the journey is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. 

The amount of patient feedback we are now receiving through the InsiderCX platform is ten times what we were seeing using the old process. We have acted on the feedback and are able to identify emerging risks through the analytical side of the system. We have also seen our positive Google reviews more than quadruple over the last 6 months.

Working with InsiderCX has been a pleasure.

Ana Kričković
Ana Kričković
Clinic Director

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